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By Michael Keller, Eliza Shapiro, Abby Haglage, Caitlin Dickson, Brian Abelson and Luke Kerr-Dineen. | Feb 11, 2013

UPDATE 4/18: This week, the Senate rejected legislation that would have tightened background checks on gun purchases.

Many saw the vote on background checks, a step supported by some 90 percent of Americans, as the only chance at real reform. How did the Senate vote go down, and will the House take up the cause? We've updated our tracker to include how the Senate voted.

What do your elected representatives think about guns-and how are they likely to vote on upcoming gun-control legislation?

To help clarify a complex state of play, The Daily Beast has created a tool that classifies every member of Congress according to their stance on gun control, based on our best assessment of publicly available information: statements, voting records, ratings from both the National Rifle Association and the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, and dollar contributions from the gun lobby.

Use this as a scorecard to follow as individual bills are debated, and as a quick way to make your voice heard. Have feedback? Heard from your rep lately? Send us an email at:

Sources:, NRA, The New York Times, Project Vote Smart, Sunlight Foundation, and The Daily Beast research.

oppose gun reform
have a mixed position
support gun reform
have an unclear position
Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence Rating (0-100)?Scores are from the Brady Campaign 1991 to 2009 Lifetime Score for the Senate and the 1988 to 2008 Lifetime Score for the House. A higher score indicates a pro-gun control stance. Not all representatives have a score.
NRA Grade?An 'AQ' grade may appear if a representative does not have a voting record but they answered an NRA questionnaire.
Stance?A Daily Beast calculation taking into account their voting record, recent statements and NRA and Brady ratings.